Mobile Coffee

Working under the Mocha Beans franchise, Event food, provides the very best in coffee for your event.

We have a number of mobile coffee solutions to cater for all events from private parties to large public events such as sporting events, festivals or concerts.

Our trained baristas along with our attention to quality and detail ensures that you will have a very positive experience with Mocha Beans coffee.

We roast all our coffee beans in-house, producing the freshest and best tasting coffee in the country. The art of roasting begins with the blending of the green beans. Our house roast coffee consists of a delicious blend of South American, African and South-East Asian beans, which, since 1998, has been continuously improved and perfected

For more information and technical information on the specification of our mobile coffee units please contact us and we can advise what would be most appropriate for your event.

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Can we work together on a catering idea or event?

Can we work together on a unique catering idea for your event? Let us know what you have in mind and we can try to collaborate with you.